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Roman basket Villa Poppaea

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This handmade basket is a replica of a Roman original from the 1st century AD. It is depicted on a fresco at the Villa Poppaea in Italy. The villa was a.o. property of the wife of Roman emperor Nero: Poppea. 

This type of basket was filled with dried flowers and placed in the living room. With dried flowers, the Romans brought nature into the house. Besides, the flowers filled the house with a lovely fragrant. Flowers were also placed close to the lararium (house altar). On the fresco 'Roman fresco flower woman' a rich lady, possibly the goddess Flora herself, is depicted. She picks the flowers in the garden and collects them in a basket. 

This basket is a museum replica. It is completely handmade and is 30 cm high. It has a diameter of 30 cm.

Lovely scents of flowers and incense were important in our history. They were thought to cleanse the air and prevent diseases. The Romans thought that the scents rose up to haven and gave a positive signal to the gods. In Roman society, the garden and nature play an important role. Especially in the Roman cities flowers and animals were depicted on frescos and mosaics. Roman houses also often had their own garden or atrium where flowers were always kept.

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