Epic Armoury RFB Sleeveless gambeson for children, beige

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Epic Armoury RFB Sleeveless gambeson for children, beige

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This sleeveless gambeson is specially made for children. During LARP and re-enactment children's events, it is advisable to wear a gambeson over clothing for extra protection during children's battles. This gambeson combines good quality and good protection for a small price. The gambeson is sleeveless so that it can also be worn in warm summer weather. For extra protection for the arms, it can be combined with leather vambraces.

This gambeson has cotton laces on the side so that it can be adjusted to your size. On the inside it is lined with polyester.

Material: cotton, polyester;
Colour: beige;
Size: XXXS (approx. 6-8 years) & XXS (approx. 8-10 years) (size chart see below);
Shipping weight: 2 kg;

Length from shoulder     
XXXS (6-8 years) 58 cm 32 cm 389 gram
XXS (8-10 years) 68 cm 36 cm 457 gram
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