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Red dragon Longsword Grip- Glow

Brand: Red dragon
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Product description

This sword grip is made of thermoplastic, a material that feels like rubber. It provides an optimal grip of the sword. It can easily be placed over the tang and pushed down to fasten it on any Red Dragon tang. This grip is 20 cm long with a max. diameter of 3,6 cm and a min. diameter of 2,5 cm.
This grip is made by Red Dragon Armouries and is meant for training waisters. These plastic swords can be assembled by yourself, so you can choose your ideal balance and weight. The swords are meant for Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA).
Red Dragon training swords and parts are made for Historical European Martial Arts. The training swords are made of plastics, in some cases RVS parts to make the sword heavier. The blades are made of plastic but are made in order to have a flexibility and toughness similar to normal swords. As a result they are more lifelike than wooden swords or even federschwerter. Our training swords consist of: blade, cross-guard or guard, grip and pommel. Every model has the same tang so every part can be changed in order for you to assemble your own perfect sword.

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