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Rapier Aramis

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Product description

This rapier is made after an original from 1625 made in Italy. Rapiers like this were made in the first half of the 17th century, mainly in Gemany and Italy.

The rapier has a double cutting edged blade and a small fuller that runs halfway the sword. It has a round hilt that is provided with several side rings. Its length is 108 cm with a blade of 88 cm and a cross-guard of 14 cm. It weighs approx. 900 grams.

This rapier is custom made.

Product details:
Length: 108 cm;
Blade length: 88 cm;
Grip length: 14 cm;
Weight: 1250 g;
Balance point from guard: 2.5 cm;
Steel type: Spring steel (DIN 54SiCr6) 48 HRC;
Edge: Blunt (3 mm battle-ready)/semi-sharp/sharp;
Tang construction: Full tang construction;
Pommel: Rivetted;
Grip wrapping: Wood,Steel wire;
Based on a historic original: Yes;
Transport weight (in gram): 3000 *

Suitable for re-enactment and martial arts. The blade is handmade and tempered, using traditional forging techniques. The razor sharp version is suitable for cutting tests. When using the sharpening service, the return right and warranty expires. The extra delivery time is approx. 2 weeks.

This item is produced in limited quantities only. This means that every piece is unique. Sizes & finish may vary lightly from piece to piece.

We do not sell this product to customers under the age of 18. Click here for more information on the European arms acts.

This product has a two year warranty. Click here for more information.

Product details

Product details: Length: 108 cm / Blade length: 88 cm / Grip length: 14 cm / Weight: 1250 g / Balance point from guard: 2.5 cm / Steel type: Spring steel (DIN 54SiCr6) 48 HRC / Edge: Blunt (3 mm battle-ready)/semi-sharp/sharp / Tang construction: Full tan


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