Pumice powder 1 kg (historical abrasive)

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Pumice powder 1 kg (historical abrasive)

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In history, pumice powder was used for dozens of purposes. Since classical antiquity this volcanic rock was used to shave and as a substantial part of Roman cement, concrete (also in the Pantheon) and for plastering. Pumice powder was used to scour parchment, so that pigments bind better and the parchment becomes more even. Pumice powder was generally used as an abrasive, also for the removal of rust. It was also used as a polish and as added to pigments in Classical and Medieval cosmetics.

Material: pumice
Volume: 1 kg
No hazard symbols, safe in normal use

This product is handmade on the Zaanse Schans in a traditional Dutch paint mill from 1782. This is the only remaining windmill in the world that still grinds pigments. In Holland, mills were traditionally used for grinding paint pigments.

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