Pavia trousers, brown-cream

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Pavia trousers, brown-cream

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These trousers are based on originals worn around the Battle of Pavia in 1525. This model was used worldwide until 1580 by all levels of society. The fashion developped from a more primitive 15th century style and was even reflected in armour. This model was worn during the Eighty years war of the Netherlands, the Tudor period in England and at the height of the Spanish empire. These trousers are available in the colours black-red, brown-cream, brown, red-cream, black, cream-blue.

Product details:
Material: 100% cotton
Colour: black-red, brown-cream, brown, red-cream, black, cream-blue
Sizes: S-XXXL
Based on a historical original
Shipping weight: 1000 grams.

Size Waist Length outer leg Thight
S 100 73 76
M 104 79 80
L 110 80 80
XL 112 81 86
XXL 119 83 86
XXXL 126 83 94
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