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Papyrus coloring plate Horus

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This papyrus coloring plate is suitable to color with crayons, pencil or paint. The Egyptian god Horus was worshipped from the beginning of Egyptian civilization until the coming of Christendom. He was not only worshipped in Egypt, but also in the neighbouring Sudan and Ethiopia. Horus was the god of the kings until the 3rd dynasty. The pharaoh was also worshipped as the incarnation of Horus. This falcon god was also worshipped as sun god and was in some cases the son of Isis. Just like Isis, this Egyptian god was adopted by the Greeks and Romans.
This coloring plate has a size of 19 x 5 cm. It is suitable for school classes or as a gift.
The papyrus of this coloring plate is made exactly the same way as the papyrus in ancient Egypt. It is made of fibres that overlap each other and create a solid sheet of papyrus.

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