Pair of roundels

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Pair of roundels

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A roundel was a circular piece of armour that was attached to, for example, the helmet, chest plate or gauntlets for extra protection.

These roundels are 1,6 mm thick and they serve for protecting the opening between the arm guards and the cuirass. They have a diameter of 14,5 cm and they are delivered including leather straps of 13 x 2 cm.

Product details:
Custom work? yes;
Material: carbon steel;
Steel thickness: 1,5 mm/ 2.0 mm;
Tempered? yes;
Based on a historical original: yes;
Transport weight (gram): 1000 *

Does this armour fit?
Do you wear a gambeson: add 10-15 cm to your circumference.
Do you wear a gambeson and hauberk: Add 15-20 cm to your circumference.
Tip: Is this armour too big for you? You can easily add extra padding.

Attaching armour & chainmail
To attach your armour or chainmail securely, you can attach leather laces to your gambeson and fasten these to your armour / chainmail. The armour thus remains in position during a fight.

Maintenance & care
Prevent rust and corrosion by oiling your armour regularly. Remove rust easily with black sandpaper.

This item is produced in limited quantities only. This means that every piece is unique. Sizes & finish may vary lightly from piece to piece.

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