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Osprey: the Sarmatians 600 BC - AD 450

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The Sarmatians 600 BC - AD 450 is an Osprey book in the series Men-at-arms, published in 2002. It is a 48 page English paperback. Author Richard Brzeziski describes the armies of the Sarmates, a Nomad people that expelled the Scythians and first became Romes enemy and later Romes ally.

Table of contents: The Sarmatian peoples - Sauromatae, Iazyges, Roxolani, Aorsi, Siraces & Alani · The Sarmatians in Roman service · Offensive arms - lances, swords, archery gear · Defensive arms - body armour, helmets, shields, lassoes · Horses & horse equipment · Standards - the 'draco' · Military organisation · Tactics · Myth & legend .

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