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Osprey: Gladiators 100 BC-AD 200

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Gladiators 100 BC-AD 200 is an Osprey book in the series Warrior, published in 2001. It is a 64 page English paperback. Author Stephen Wisdom describes the several types of gladiators, their armour and training.

Table of contents: Introduction · Chronology · Historical background · Recruitment · The Revolt of Spartacus, 73-71 BC · We who are about to die - the condemned criminals · Acquisition of fighters · Danaos - a new recruit · Daily life · Accommodation · Social life and daily routine · Organisation of the schools throughout the empire · Training · Appearance and dress · Undergarments · Fabric body protection · Metal leg and arm defence · Parade armour · Helmets and headgear · The Thracian · The myrmillo · The retiarius · The secutor · Other types of gladiator · Stage hands and arena equipment · Weapons and shields · Gladiator psychology · The rudius · The gladiator in combat · The build-up · The parade in the arena: early morning · The venation: beast hunting · The afternoon show: the noxii · The familia gladiatoria · Retirement · Chances of survival · Colour plate commentary · Re-enactment · Glossary · Bibliography · Index.

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