Olive wooden cutting board, 30 x 14 x 1,3 cm

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Olive wooden cutting board, 30 x 14 x 1,3 cm

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Cutting boards have been used for centuries to prepare food. This board is made from olive wood. Olive wood is very hard and therefore very suitable for cutting. Olive wood also hardly absorbs any odor, so the wood does not smell after use. Olive wood has a beautiful warm color and the wood does not crack easily. It has a handle with a cord, so you can hang the cutting board on the wall. Cutting boards such as this were mainly used in Mediterranean areas.

Product Details:
Material: olive wood;
Length: 30 cm;
Width: 14 cm;
Height: 1.3 cm;
Based on a historical original: Yes
Transport weight (gram): 500 g *

Washing instructions: Wash by hand, unsuitable for dishwashers.

This item is made in a limited edition. Each item is unique. This means that the dimensions and finish may differ slightly.

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