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Discover our collection of official Hobbit and Lord of the Rings swords. Elven outfits, elven ears, Orc masks, LARP weapons and much more for Cosplay and LOTR costumes.

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Hobbit and Lord of the Rings swords, Gandalf sword

We sell the official licensed United Cutlery Hobbit and Lord of the Rings swords. Such as Legolas battle knives, Sting sword of Bilbo Baggins, Anduril sword of King Elessar, Glamdring sword of Gandalf. We also have weapons in the style of the Lord of the Rings universe, such as the Windlass Steelcraft orc axe and the sword Tolkien.

Lord of the Rings and Hobbit LARP weapons

Discover our Epic Armoury LARP swords in the style of the Lord of the Rings universe. Good quality with a glass fiber core, EVA foam and latex coating. We have elven, orc and dwarf weapons such as hammers, axes and swords. We also sell LARP shields for your Lord of the Rings LARP or Cosplay. The weapons and shields are also perfect for Cosplay because they are very light weight and you can wear them with your costume all day long. They are also great for a Comic Con and festival because they are not steel weapons.

Lord of the Rings clothing and masks for Cosplay and LARP: elves, hobbits, dwarves and orcs

We have everything you need to create a Lord of the Rings or Hobbit character for LARP or Cosplay. Buy your orc mask, elven ears, quiver, cloak, tunic and other items of clothing. We have the most beautiful items in Lord of the Rings style here for your Cosplay and LARP adventures. Check out our Clothing page for even more inspiration!