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Cosplay costume

You can buy a Cosplay costume at Celtic WebMerchant! We have separate items of clothing where you can put together your own Cosplay costume according to your taste. We have made a selection of clothing and accessories that can be seen in a movie or series. There are official costumes, but also items of clothing with which you can make your own costume. There is a lot of creative freedom in making your own Cosplay costume.


How do you make a Cosplay costume?

This differs per series, film and character. You have ready-to wear Cosplays: these are ready-made costumes that you don't have to do anything anymore. At most, you should dye your hair and apply makeup. You can also put together your own Cosplay costume with loose clothing and accessories. For attributes, you can select a ready-made LARP weapon that resembles your character's. Or you can get started with EVA foam yourself to make a weapon to your liking. You can make more complicated Cosplay costumes yourself from layers of EVA foam and stick them together with contact glue. It is therefore up to you how much time you want to spend on choosing, making and assembling your Cosplay costume.

How old is Cosplay?

Dressing up has been around for centuries, but people really only did this for theater when they performed. Visitors to performances did not dress up. The first known Cosplayer comes from 1930. There was a sci-fi convention where Forrest J. Ackerman, an American, went in costume. He didn't dress like a character from a movie or series, but he dressed in sci-fi style with a futuristic outfit. This was the first Cosplay costume. It became popular among people to dress up for a convention. Later they started wearing clothes of their favorite character.

Where does the term Cosplay come from?

This is from 1984 and was invented by a Japanese. Nubuyuki Takahashi visited WorldCon in Los Angeles and was surprised to see people dressed and painted like their favorite sci-fi character. In Japan, Takahashi coined the term Kosupure, which over time changed to Cosplay. The Japanese also started to cosplay anime and manga characters, which in turn spread to other parts of the world.