Urs Velunt Medieval sword Oakeshott type XII, battle-ready

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Urs Velunt Medieval sword Oakeshott type XII, battle-ready

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The Oakeshott type XII is one of the most frequently used swords from the Middle Ages and was suitable for both cutting and slashing. This type of sword has a wide, but tapering blade with a sharp tip. The grip is somewhat longer than the previous types of swords. This type of sword was developed in the mid-thirteenth century in response to the use of plate armor instead of just chainmail, the sword was designed to stab between the plates of the armour.

This sword has a blade of carbon steel. It is battle-ready with a rounded point and a blunt blade (2.5 - 3 mm thick). The grip is wrapped in black leather.

Product Details:
Length: 88 cm;
Blade length: 70 cm;
Width cross-guard: 21 cm;
Weight: 1350 g .;
Steel type: carbon steel;
Edge: Blunt 2.5-3 mm
Tang construction: Full tang;
Pommel: Screwed;
Grip wrapping: black leather;
Delivered without scabbard;
Based on historical original: Yes;
Transport weight (in grams): 2000 " *


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