Medieval dress Emma, olive green

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Medieval dress Emma, olive green

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Dresses like this were quite universal in medieval Europe and were worn from the early to late Middle Ages. This dress is made of strips of fabric sewn together, just like the historical originals of which fabric remains have been found. This was a practical and easy way to make dresses, and the dress became more spacious at the hem. Dresses like this were not fancy and they were meant to be worn every day. Often women wore a hangeroc or an apron to protect the fabric of the dress. You can lace it up at the back with the cotton laces. You can wear it separately, with an apron or hangeroc, or as a slip dress. This dress provides a good basis for your early medieval or medieval outfit.

Product details:
Material: cotton
Size: S to XXXL
Colour: olive green
Based on a historical original
Transport weight: 1000 grams.

Laundry prescription:
Washing machine, 30 degrees.

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