Epic Armoury Medieval cuirass Hamon, patinated

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Epic Armoury Medieval cuirass Hamon, patinated

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This chestplate is inspired by historical originals. It has rivets for extra strength and a V-shaped piece on the chest. The kuras continues on the lower back so it protects both the torso and the abdomen and lower back. With adjustable leather straps you can fasten the cuirass well and comfortably and also adjust it to your liking. The chestplate reaches to the hips. It has a dark patinated finish for an extra special effect! This armor is 1 mm thick and suitable for Larp battles, Cosplay and theater.

Material: carbon steel, leather
Finish: patinated
Size: M/L & XL/XXL (size chart see below)
Transport weight (gram): 3500 *

Size Length approx. Width approx.
M/L 38 cm 49 cm
XL/XXL 42 cm 59 cm

This item is produced in limited quantities only. This means that every piece is unique. Sizes & finish may vary lightly from piece to piece.

Maintenance & care
Prevent rust and corrosion by oiling your armour regularly. Remove rust easily with black sandpaper.

Does this armour fit
Do you wear a gambeson: add 10-15 cm to your circumference.
Do you wear a gambeson and hauberk: Add 15-20 cm to your circumference.
Tip: Is this armour too big for you? You can easily add extra padding.

How do I measure my glove size?
Always measure your writing hand. Clench your hand lightly and measure with a measuring tape around the knuckles.
19-22 cm: glove size 7.
22-24 cm: glove size 8.
24-27 cm: glove size 9.
27-30 cm: glove size 10.

How do I easily measure the width of my arm/leg?
Place your arm/leg between two straight objects (e.g. books). Measure the distance between both objects, this equals the width of your arm or leg.

Attaching armour & chainmail
To attach your armour or chainmail securely, you can attach leather laces to your gambeson and fasten these to your armour / chainmail. The armour thus remains in position during a fight.

Are you not sure which size to pick?
If you are not sure which shoe size fits you best, fill in your foot length and width in the comments section of your shopping cart. We will pick the best fitting size for you.

This item is perfect for beginning sword fighters and light battles but this sword is not covered by a warranty.

Deepeeka made name with their beautiful classical helmets and equipment. Besides, this Indian factory produces (early)medieval semi-sharp and battle-ready swords. The swords are a mix of historical accuracy and user friendliness and are definitely worth the price. The swords are delivered with luxury scabbard.

This item is custom made.

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