Maltese tournament armour (Order of Malta)

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Maltese tournament armour (Order of Malta)

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This suit of armour is made after the originals from the Palace Armoury in Malta. These suits of armour were used during the Great Siege of Malta in 1565. During this siege Hospitallers defended the island from an Ottoman force of 48.000 soldiers, they countered attack after attack and thus they kept hold of the island.

This version of the armour can be equipped with a tournament supplement. As a result the head, neck, shoulder and arm are extra protected.

This armour is an exact replica of the Italian originals that were used in 1565. It can be made in 1,3 mm, 1,5 mm or 2,0 mm steel. The result of months of work and development is a suit of armour which is the perfect combination of a battle and tournament suit of armour. Similar suits of armour were worn by the aristocracy all over Europe. On request the suit of armour can be engraved, etched and painted for a surcharge.

The armour is equipped with a closed helmet, this can be opened at two different points. It provides a sufficient field of view, but it is designed to protect against the danger of splintering lances. The helmet is fastened to the neck protection with a tilting edge on the gorget, this design allows a minimal impact on the neck.

The suit of armour is provided with a goose bellied cuirass that conducts the impact of bullets for example. The transition to the tassets is designed in the shape that was the fashion in the 16th century, contrary to earlier models. The vambraces and the connections between the pauldrons and arm harnasses are provided with a pushpin construction for extra security.

The supplement consists of an arm piece, a chest piece and a bevor. The bevor is attached underneath the chest piece. All parts are attached to the armour with replica screws and two nuts. The armour has fastening points on the helmet, cuirass and on the elbow cop.

This item is a museum replica.

This suit of armour is custom made, click here to download the size table.


Product details:
Custom work? yes;
Material: carbon steel;
Steel thickness: 1,5 mm/ 2.0 mm;
Tempered? yes;
Based on a historical original: yes;
Transport weight (gram): 25000 *

Does this armour fit?
Do you wear a gambeson: add 10-15 cm to your circumference.
Do you wear a gambeson and hauberk: Add 15-20 cm to your circumference.
Tip: Is this armour too big for you? You can easily add extra padding.

Attaching armour & chainmail
To attach your armour or chainmail securely, you can attach leather laces to your gambeson and fasten these to your armour / chainmail. The armour thus remains in position during a fight.

Maintenance & care
Prevent rust and corrosion by oiling your armour regularly. Remove rust easily with black sandpaper.

This item is produced in limited quantities only. This means that every piece is unique. Sizes & finish may vary lightly from piece to piece.

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