Linseed oil cooked 200 cl

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Linseed oil cooked 200 cl

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Linseed oil has been used for many purposes in history. It is one of the oldest types of oil in Europe and people already used it since Antiquity. You can use linseed oil as a varnish to protect wood from the elements. It can be used as leather care or to color light leather dark. Another popular use is making oil paint. Oil paint has been used since the 2nd half of the 15th century. Before this period, paint was made with an egg tempera base.

Please note: fabrics drenched with linseed oil are flammable. Keep it out of reach of hot sunlight and other hot temperatures. These fabrics are otherwise useful as lighting material for the campfire.

Cooked linseed oil is better up to the elements than raw linseed oil, therefore linseed oil has been cooked for centuries. Contrary to bleached linseed oil the mucus is preserved, which gives oil, wood, leather and paint a deep-dark hue..

This item is handmade at the Zaanse Schans in a traditional Dutch windmill from 1782. This is the only remaining still working paint windmill in the world. Pigments have been grinded in Dutch windmills for centuries.

Volume: 0,2 L
Caution: fabrics drenched with oil are flammable.

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