Epic Armoury Leather Samurai armor, black

Epic Armoury Leather Samurai armor, black

Epic Armoury
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This beautiful leather armor is based on historical armor of Samurai, or the warrior class in Japan from the twelfth to the nineteenth century. The word means 'he who serves'. For centuries these were the troops of the Japanese emperor, up to the Tokugawa shogunate.

This armor weighs only about 3.2 kilos and is therefore comfortable to wear for a long time and provides excellent freedom of movement. It protects the shoulders, torso, belly, back, buttocks, hips and upper legs. The parts of the shoulders and the torso are attached to each other with an adjustable strap. The skirt and torso are attached to each other with suede straps. The suede is elastic so the armor is adjustable to the body around the belly and hips.

The inside of the armor is covered with suede so that the leather segments do not press on your skin.

Material: vegetable tanned leather;
Colour: black;
Size: chest circumference 86 up to 112 cm;
Length: 84 cm;
Weight: 3150 g;
Shipping weight: 4 kg;
Cleaning and maintenance: Ballistol or beeswax

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