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Epic Armoury LARP mace staff

Brand: Epic Armoury

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Product description

This LARP staff looks frightening with the top and bottom of a mace. It is painted lifelike so that it looks like it is made of wood with two metal maces and metal fittings. Both maces are approx. 15 cm long and have six spiked flanges. In a medieval LARP, this is the ideal weapon to fight armored knights!

Product Details:
Material: EVA foam, fiberglass core, latex coating;
Length: 190 cm;
Grip length: 83 cm;
Height head: 14 cm;
Width head: 12 cm;
Grip circumference: 14 cm;
Weight: 720 g;
Transport weight (gram): 3000


Product details

Product Details/Material: EVA foam, fiberglass core, latex coating/Length: 190 cm/Grip length: 83 cm/Height head: 14 cm/Width head: 12 cm/Grip circumference: 14 cm/Weight: 720 g/Transport weight (gram): 3000


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