Specifications longbows

Longbows are made of wood, the type of wood differs between each bow, and the grip is often made of leather.

The pulling power of a longbow also differs per bow and that is why it is very important to determine what suits you best. The pull determines how much force it takes from you to pull the bow all the way out. This pulling force is measured in lbs, English pounds. To convert this to kilograms you need to know that 1 English pound is 0.454 kg. The more lbs the bow is, the harder the arrow will be fired, but the harder you will have to be able to pull. Although the bow is very large, it is a very light bow to carry and this also ensures that there is less pressure on the arrow, making it easier to fly loose. With a longbow, by definition, there is also shot over the hands and there is therefore no window for the arrow.

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