What is semi-sharp?

A sword or axe is semi-sharp when the edges are made in a sharp shape, but not sharpened. Roughly speaking, the cut can be seen as a U or a V, with the V having a sharper shape of about 0.5 mm. (U) shaped cuts are mainly made with Battle-Ready in mind, suitable for combat. These swords have a blunted point.


The advantage of Semi-sharp is that the blade can easily be made both sharp and blunt. If you make a Battle-Ready sword (ie U shape) a sharp V shape, you have to remove too much of the blade, making the sword narrower.

If you want to turn a semi-sharp sword into a blunt sword, you can simply blunt the point and turn the V into a blunter U. So you can use it in battle. Note that when sharpening-boning a sword you do not unintentionally heat the sword. The microscopic composition of the steel is thus changed, so that you are, as it were, tempering your sword again.

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