Attaching a spearhead to shaft

You can attach spearheads, stake ax and halberd tips to a shaft in different ways. The easiest, which was also widely used historically, is with nails. Many tips have drill holes. Place the spearhead on the shaft and secure it with nails. An alternative way is to secure the tip with birch pitch. This technique has been used for thousands of years. The birch pitch acts as a form of glue. But because the way with nails is a very safe and the most used option, we’ll explain it.



  1. hatchet/grater
  2.  hammer - nails
  3.  spear shaft


You take a spear shaft, like the ash wood spear shaft at the shop.

Grate or chop the tip to the size of the spearhead. This is an accurate job

You can also sand the point you made.

Attach the tip, making sure it is straight and the ring fits properly into the shaft.

When the point is properly secured, you can anchor it with nails. To do this, drive the nails through the drill holes in the spearhead.

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