Anatomy saber

A saber can often be recognized by the bend in the blade of the sword. You can separate a saber into two major parts, the blade and the handle. The tip of the blade turns a little up here, this point is extremely sharp. The part of the blade that is at the top is not sharp, while the bottom part, which is the part that bends, is very sharp and can be used well for cutting. The straight section that runs from the bend to the handle is the back of the saber. Between the blade and the handle is the guard, this often has a special shape on a saber, it continues in a convexity to the bottom of the handle, this is an arc above the knuckles. This provides extra grip for the hand on the handle. The handle of a saber is often made of the thin protruding part of the blade, covered by a layer of wood, and that wood is wrapped with leather or brass and has patterned rings, to make the handle more uneven and provide a firmer grip. grip. The scabbard of a saber often consists of several rings to hang the sword from, this is due to the length and bend of the blade, which creates an imbalance. The pommel at the back of the sword also restores the balance. At the end of the scabbard for a saber is a crown.

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