Anatomy Rapier

A Rapier is a sword with a very long and thin blade, which becomes thinner with increasing length and ends in a sharp and flexible point. The point of a Rapier is therefore the most important part, because it is ideal for piercing armor. The lower part of the blade, which is closest to the handle, is thus the thickest part and provides the strength of the sword, while the thin end of this blade is very maneuverable. The sides of the blade are therefore not very sharp, because stabbing with the sword was the main form of use. The Rapier was also often used for decorative purposes, making it recognizable by the shape of the cross-guard and the knuckle bow. The grip of a Rapier is made of steel and brass. The end of a Rapier is made up of the pommel, with a kind of cap at the very bottom. The pommel and blade of the Rapier are often richly decorated with different shapes and symbols or texts. A Rapier is mainly made of different types of steel.

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