Make-up & body prosthetics


  • It's important to properly exfoliate and then cleanse your skin before applying makeup, otherwise it will flake quickly. (A good exfoliant tip is to mix olive oil and brown sugar) It's also good to use a primer before applying makeup.
  • Before applying a prosthesis, it is important to leave that part of the skin completely clean and free of product, so that it will stay on the skin better.
  • A handy tip for applying dentures: Before applying the denture with glue, place the denture where you want it to be and dab around it with a brush with baby powder. When you remove the prosthesis, there is an indication of the area that the dentures will sit over. You will then apply the glue in a layer over this area, let it dry completely and then go over it with another layer of glue. Then you apply a layer of glue to the prosthesis and when both layers become tacky, press the prosthesis firmly against the skin, and then it's on! If you want to blend the edges of the prosthesis with your skin, you can mix a little glue with, for example, baby powder and apply this to the edges and then spread it out.
  • If the prosthesis becomes loose at some point during the day, you can activate the adhesive again with a little alcohol and press it down again. It is very useful to also have glue remover when using dentures to get the denture off, but using 99% alcohol will also remove it.
  • Before applying water-based make-up, you can mix the paint with some water. To paint a prosthesis, you can also use 99% alcohol to mix it.
  • If you want to ensure that your make-up lasts longer, you can apply several layers and spray the make-up with a setting spray between each layer.
  • The best way to apply collodion is as follows: First paint the shape you want to make for, for example, a scar on the skin, which ensures the colored effect, then you use the brush in the jar and go over it. This causes the skin to contract and it creates the desired result. It is helpful to contract the skin as much as possible when you apply it. You can also remove this product in the same way with the collodion remover.
  • It is important to take good care of your skin after using LARP make-up and prostheses! :)

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