Removing rivets

To remove rivets you can use different methods. 

What do you need?

  • screwdriver
  • drill
  • chisel
  • stamp
  • hammer
  1. You can drill a hole in the rivet with a drill to remove it. First, tap a hole in the rivet with a chisel or screwdriver. Then drill a hole on the convex side of the rivet. Then take a stamp and tap it through the hollow side. Then you drill another hole through the convex side and the rivet should come out. PAY ATTENTION! Watch out for sharp pieces and never push out a piece of the rivet with your fingers. Always use a screwdriver or chisel for this.
  2. You can also remove the rivet with a chisel and hammer. You put the chisel against the rivet. Then take a hammer and tap it loose. Do this by going around the rivet. If the top of the rivet is loose enough, you can pull the rivet loose with the back of the hammer.

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