How to attach a chainmail to a helmet

Many reenactment helmets, especially bascinets, have vervelles on the lower edge. These vervelles are brass buttons with a hole in the middle. They serve to mount a chainmail cap to the helmet. Helmets from GDFB, Ulfberth and Marshal Historical in particular often have vervelles.


  1.  vervelles
  2. leather lace, correct diameter
  3. chainmail cap

Choose the right chainmail cap. Hold these against the vervelles and secure them by putting a leather lace through them.

Optionally you can make a leather cover that you stick between the chainmail cap and the vervelles, this can simply be done with glue. 

Option 2 is that a helmet has no vervelles. You can then still make these on the helmet by drilling holes in the bottom edge of the helmet and then fixing the vervelles in the helmet as rivets.

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