House of Warfare Historical Templar Surcoat (Knight Templars)

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House of Warfare Historical Templar Surcoat (Knight Templars)

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This Knights Templar surcoat is made of roughly woven, unbleached white cotton and has a linen lining for coolness during warm weather. The Red Templar Cross stands like the temple knights on the garment until 1314. Surcoats were carried over hauberks, to prevent the hauberk from being overheated by the sun. This technique was taken over from the Saracens during the first Crusades. In addition, the surcoat serves as a distinguishing mark on which noble houses displayed their heraldry and colors. Knight orders showed the heraldry of their knighthood on the garment. Later, surcoats were also carried over plate armor to conceal armor. This meant that opponents could not see where the openings and weak spots were in the plate armor.

Material: rough woven, unbleached cotton, linen inner lining
Length: approx. 120 cm
1 size fits all
Length split: 54 cm
Size cross: 24.5 x 24.5 cm
Based on historical original

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