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Battle-ready kettle hat

This type of medieval helmet was appreciated by the aristocracy and the ordinary soldier. The edge of the kettle hat provides protection against projectiles such as arrows and stones. This type of helmet is also called a storm helmet because it was handy to use during sieges. This type of helmet was used all over Europe between the 13th and 14th century. Earlier models were already worn since the 11th century. In 1914 this type of helmet started to be used again for the American and British trench wars. This helmet is made of 2 mm thick steel, it has steel solidifications that are 1,4 mm thick and has a leather inlay.

Material: carbon steel 2 mm
Inlay: leather inlay
Max. head circumference: 62-64 cm
Based on historical original
Shipping weight: 3 kg

Choose the best size
Are you wearing an arming cap under your helmet? Add 3,5 cm to your head circumference
Are you wearing a chainmail coif under your helmet? Add 2,5 cm to your head circumference
Are you wearing a coif AND arming cap under your helmet? Add 6 cm to your head circumference

Maintenance & care
Avoid rust by frequently greasing your armor. You can easily remove rust with black sandpaper

This item is handmade in a limited amount. Each item is unique. Finish and sizes can slightly vary.

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