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Ulfberth Gambeson with straps

Brand: Ulfberth

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Product description

This gambeson is made for re-enactment battles and it can be worn underneath i.a. a suit of armour or a hauberk. It is made of two layers or wool, an exterior layer or sturdy canvas and a linen interior layer. This gambeson has a thickness of approx. 12 mm.

Size             Chest     SleeveLength
S93 cm50 cm76 cm
M114 cm50 cm82 cm
L121 cm51 cm83 cm
XL126 cm53 cm86 cm
XXL134 cm56 cm91 cm

How to measure
Length: from the shoulder to hip (short) / knee (long).
Chest / breast: circumference around the chest, breathe in properly.
Arm / sleeve: sleeve length from shoulder to elbow (short) / wrist (long).

Product details

Sturdy gambeson based on late 14th and 15th century images. With wool padding and made of thick canvas. Good protection for re-enactment battles or full-contact fighting. Suitable to wear under the chain mail or plate armour.


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