House of Warfare Northern Decorative horn

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House of Warfare Northern Decorative horn

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Fenrir is the son of Loki (god of deception) and giant Angrboda, brother of Hel (goddess of the underworld) and the Midgardsorm. This origin did not predict much good. Fenrir came into the world as a small dog, but grew into a ferocious strong wolf that inspired every deity. In the end Fenrir was signed to a special chain, the Gleipnir, from which he can only come loose during Ragnarok. The story of Fenrir can be found in the Icelandic Edda.

Fenrir has inspired many characters in fairy tales, myths and fantasy. Thus the figure of the werewolf is based on him. The wolf is a popular figure in modern fantasy series. This drinking horn is made by the producer who supplied material to series such as Game of Thrones & Vikings. The wolf motif is hand-carved.

Material: horn
Contentd approx.: 0.3-0.4l
Length: approx. 24 cm
Includes drinking horn stand

Washing instructions: Washing by hand, unsuitable for dishwashers.

This article is made in a limited edition. As a result, sizes may deviate and the article has not been checked by a recognized body for suitability for preparing food.


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