Epic Armoury English Civil War doublet green

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Epic Armoury English Civil War doublet green

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Doublets like this were worn all over the world during the 16th-17th century. They provided extra protection against the cold but enabled freedom of movement. Doublets were worn during the Golden Age in The Netherlands and during the reign of Elizabeth I of England.
This doublet is decorated with black satin lining. It has cords for closing. It is possible to wear the doublet half opened in case of wearing a large shirt with decorations underneath. This doublet is available in the sizes XXS-XL

Material: polyester, satin
Color: green
Based on historical original
Shipping weight: 400 grams.
Washing prescription: Handwash.


Size Length approx. Circumference chest approx. Waist approx. Hip approx.
XXS 40 cm 67 cm 67 cm 63 cm
XS 45 cm 73 cm 73 cm 68 cm
S 54 cm 91 cm 91 cm 85 cm
M 56 cm 101 cm 101 cm 94 cm
L 58 cm 111 cm 111 cm 104 cm
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