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Epic Armoury Elven tunic dark blue

Brand: Epic Armoury
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Product description

This tunic is inspired on the mythological Elven Kingdom. It is perfect for LARPing Elfs and Dark Elf characters. The neckline gives the tunic an extra stylish character. The seams are embroidered with motifs inspired by the elves from the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit. This tunic is perfect to combine with elven swords and shields or with a bow.

Material: 100% cotton
Color: dark blue
Shipping weight: 400 grams.
Washing prescription: Handwash or handwash settings of washing machine.


sizelength from shoulderarm lengthchest girth
XSapprox. 93 cmapprox. 51 cmapprox. 88 cm
Sapprox. 102 cmapprox. 55 cmapprox. 102 cm
Mapprox. 112 cmapprox. 59 cmapprox. 112 cm
Lapprox. 116 cmapprox. 62 cmapprox. 122 cm
XLapprox. 120 cmapprox. 66 cmapprox. 136 cm

Product details

Material: 100% cotton/ Color: dark blue


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