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Egyptian necklace Nefertiti 25 cm

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This beautiful Egyptian necklace is made after an original depicted on a bust of Queen Nefertiti. The bust is nowadays part of the collection of the Neues Museum in Berlin. Queen Neferiti was a member of the 18th Dynasty and reigned between 1352 and 1338 BC together with Pharaoh Achnaton. Nefertiti is one of the most well-known Egyptian rulers in history. This beautiful bead necklace is made of 18 layers of beads and is handmade. It can be used for education and living history, but it is also perfect to wear for special occasions, in combination with a black gala dress for example.

Each piece is unique and the colors vary per piece (variations of blue - red - orange - gold - black - white beads).

Total width 25 cm
Total length: 22 cm
Materiaal: brass, wood, beads
Shipping weight: 100 g.

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