When will I receive my order?

When we start processing your order, you will receive an e-mail with your delivery information. This e-mail contains an URL with which you can follow the status of your order.
This URL also shows the date on which we expect to ship your order. It will be updated every day. Is there no delivery indication yet? Please wait for the next day :)

Should the order be ready for shipment sooner, or have an unforeseen delay, this will also be indicated. In this way, you are always up to date with your shipment status.
When we are packing your order, this will also be shown.

Why is the delivery status ‘Waiting for stock’?
We store our stocks in several warehouses. Our main warehouse is leading for the Delivery information page, because all our orders are shipped from this warehouse. So ‘Waiting for stock’ means that the item is on its way from one of our other warehouses to our main warehouse.