Epic Armoury Coloured Contact Lenses Bloodshot, LARP Accessories

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Epic Armoury Coloured Contact Lenses Bloodshot, LARP Accessories

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Soft,bloodshot contact lenses, without optical abilities. Suitable for LARP, carnaval or Halloween parties. These contact lenses are high quality and can be worn 9 or 10 hours in a row. Wearing them longer than 10 hours is not advisable. The lenses are made in layers, so the fluid can not come in your eye, and the lenses do not effect your optical abilities. They are delivered per pair and for hygienic reasons, returning them is not possible. A contact lens cleaner is not included. The color can slightly differ from that on the picture, this depends on your own eye color. After opening the packaging, the contact lenses can be used for 3 months. We do not recommend wearing these lenses while driving a car or another motorized vehicle. The lenses are made of 58% polyHEMA and 42% water. It has a diameter of approx. 1,45 cm and their basic curve is 0,86 cm.

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