House of Warfare Cat o' nine tails

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House of Warfare Cat o' nine tails

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This whip is a replica of the infamous cat o' nine tails. This whip was first mentioned in England in 1681, but the design is much older. The cat o' nine tails is best known as a whip that was used to hand out corporal punishment in seafaring, VOC and British navy. But this torture machine was also used on shore.

This cat is equipped with nine solid tails. The entire whip is made of high quality leather and is completely handmade. The tails contain red strings to make him even more intimidating. The whip can easily be tied around the wrist.

Material: leather
Length from handle: 66 cm
Length loop: 15 cm
Length handle: 16 cm
Circumference : 10,5 cm

In connection with Council Regulation (EC) No 1236/2005, , this product cannot be sent outside the EU.

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