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Bronzed bust emperor Hadrian

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This bust is a replica of an original bust of Emperor Hadrian. The original is part of the collection of the Louvre in Paris. These busts were often painted to make them appear life-like.
Hadrian was born in 76 AD as the son of the senator and ex-pretor Hadrian Afer. Presumably he was born in Rome or otherwise in Italica, the Roman colony in the South of Spain where his family originated from. Hadrian chose internal strength and consolidation instead of expanding the Roman Empire. He closed border towns such as Bulgary and he withdrew the army from war areas. He improved the existent infrastructure and gave fiscal amnesty to tax frauds. He suppressed protest from the peoply by a.o. a tax reduction.
This bust is made of plaster alabaster and is bronzed. It is 48 cm high including the socket, 38 cm without socket. This bust weighs 24 kg.

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