Epic Armoury Battle skirt, white

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Epic Armoury Battle skirt, white

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This combat skirt is perfect to wear for Martial Arts, cuttings tests and for LARPing warriors and assassins. This skirt is made of cotton, falls down to the ankles and has cotton laces to tie it so that it is always comfortable around the middle. It can be worn by both men and women and splits at the front and back so you can move freely during running and fighting. The splits are reinforced with leather strips so that the skirt does not tear.

Material: 100% cotton
Colour: White
Sizes: S - XL (see selection menu below)
Based on Historical original
Shipping weight: 2000 grams.
Washing instructions: 40 degrees laundry

Size Length (cm) Waist circumference (max)
S 92 98
M 94 108
L 96 120
XL 98 134
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