Alum 1 kilo

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Alum 1 kilo

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Alum is used for many applications since prehistoric times. Alum has been used as a mordant since antiquity. It was also used as a mordant when dyeing textiles and was ideal for maintaining the color. In addition, alum was used for all kinds of medical applications, for tanning leather, and for the preparation of paper, because alum lowers the acidity.

Dyeing wool
Add boiling water to the raw material and allow it to soak for a whole night to create a paint. Pour the paint into another container through a sieve, so that pieces of pigment or raw material are no longer in it. Heat the paint below the boiling point (below 80 degrees) and add the garments to be dyed for 1 hour.

Color: transparent
Volume: 1 kg
No hazard symbols, safe in normal use

First test the material on a small surface before use. Celtic WebMerchant is not liable for the obtained color results.

This product is handmade on the Zaanse Schans in a traditional Dutch paint mill from 1782. This is the only remaining windmill in the world that still grinds pigments. In Holland, mills were traditionally used for grinding paint pigments.

Shipping outside Europe
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