Shields, shield bosses & bucklers

Roman republican shield Roman auxiliae shield Celtic shield Medieval buckler Talhoffer bucklers GDFB buckler Small bucklers Bucklers for martial arts Norman shield battle of hastings re-enactment Scottish targe Jacobite shield Germanic shield boss Greek hoplite shield Hand forged shield boss Early medieval shield boss Lombard shield boss Grieks hoplietenschild Hoplietenschild Knights of Malta Gallic living history Germanic living history Viking Living History Viking Viking re-enactment Medieval re-enactment 15th century re-enactment Handmade replica Norman re-enactment Gallic wars Bello Gallico Roman re-enactment Medieval re-enactment

Shields of the antiquity Round shields & targes Norman shields & kite shields
Tournament shields Heraldic shields  Pavises  Bucklers  Shield bosses

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