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Prussian gendarme

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Garments like this were worn by the Prussian gendarme from the 17th century. This set consists of a shirt, a coat, trousers, stockings and a hat. The shirt can be closed with buttons and reaches to the hips.

Deze kleding wordt op maat gemaakt, klik hier om de maattabel te downloaden. Ook kunt u het product in één van de volgende standaardmaten ontvangen:

Lichaamslengte (cm) 165-168 171-174 177-180 182-184 186-188
Borstomtrek (cm) 84-88 92-96 100-104 108-112 116-120
Taille-omtrek (cm) 72-76 80-84 88-92 98-102 108-112
Heupomtrek (cm) 92-96 100-104 108-112 116-119 122-125
Nekomtrek (cm) 36-37 38-39 40-41 42-43 44-45

Washing prescriptions: Hand wash, possibly hand wash program in the washing machine.

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