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Milanese mittens

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Plate armour was originally developed from steel plates, Celtic hauberks and Roman loricae segmentatae. In the early Middle Ages only the wealthiest men of the aristocracy could afford qualitative armour and formed the heavy infantry on the battlefield with just a small number of well armed and armoured men. In later periods the poorer noblemen and later even soldiers began to equip themselves with heavier body armour. The climax of body armour was the harness that was mainly worn by the nobility. The harness developed around the 14th century because of the increasing use of the crossbow that could pierce other forms of armour.

An elitist heavy cavalry emerged, the cavalrymen were equipped with full harnesses. These didn?t only cover the head and the chest like the classic cuirass but they also protected the neck, hips, legs and arms. The earliest harnesses could hardly be carried by the strongest horses but in the 15th century they became lighter and they were often painted to impress opponents.

The best harnesses were forged in Germany and Italy, the countries that were the first to use them. Nowadays it is presumed that the Missaglia family from Milan made the best quality harnesses.

These mittens are replicas of a 15th century model and they can be worn combined with other Milanese armour parts. They have a steel thickness of 1,5 mm and they have a leather inlay.

This item is produced in limited quantities only. This means that every piece is unique. Sizes & finish may vary lightly from piece to piece.

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