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Long-sleeved hauberk, round rings - round rivets, 8 mm

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This hauberk is made of 1,6 mm thick round rings with an inner diameter of 8 mm. The rings are woven four in one and subsequently riveted with round rivets. The hauberk has long sleeves and reaches just to the knee.

It is available in the sizes M, L and XL.The chest circumference is measured including a gambeson (subarmalis).

Size Length Chest Arm Weight
M 79 cm 115 cm 48 cm 15 kg
L 106 cm 125 cm 55 cm 18 kg
XL 106 cm 135 cm 48 cm 20 kg

How to measure

Length: from the shoulder to hip (short) / knee (long).
Chest / breast: circumference around the chest, breathe in properly.
Arm / sleeve: sleeve length from shoulder to elbow (short) / wrist (long).

This chainmail is made of 1,6 mm thick rings and is made in the 4 in 1 weaving method.

This item is produced in limited quantities only. This means that every piece is unique. Sizes & finish may vary lightly from piece to piece.

  • Spring steel
  • 1,6 mm
  • 8 mm
  • Round Rings Riveted
  • 1:4 weaving
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Review by Berry Groot, Posted on 23-04-2014, 5 Stars.
NL: Prachtige maliënkolder. Koop zeker ook een wambuis voor betere schokbescherming (beschermd tevens de huid bij voltreffers op de maliën. Zonder wambuis kunnen de ringen de huid in worden gedrukt). Voor meer comfort zijn een riem (om de last van de schouders ook op de heupen te verdelen) en een overtuniek (voor bescherming tegen de zon en stof) aan te raden. ENG: Magnificent chainmail armor. The following extra accessories are recommended: a gambeson to protect against percussion damage to the skin, a belt to distibute the weight of the mail shirt along the hips and a surcoat to keep off the sun and dust.
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