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Italian cuirass 1520

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This cuirass is made after an early 16th century original produced in Italy. Cuirasses like this were worn around the 16th century by both the heavy cavalry and the infantry. Models like this were worn in whole Europe. Originals are part of i.a. the collection of Churburg Castle (Italy), Glasgow Museum (Scotland) and Stibbert museum in Florence.

The cuirass has both a breastplate and a backplate. The upper legs are protected by 4-part tassets. The cuirass weighs 8 kg.
The armour is made of cold rolled plate steel and is available in unpolished or polished steel with a thickness of 1,3 mm; 1,5 mm or 2,0 mm.

This item is produced in limited quantities only. This means that every piece is unique. Sizes & finish may vary lightly from piece to piece.

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Review by Daniel Saunders, Posted on 29-07-2014, 5 Stars.
This is a great cuirass and very well built. Of course you get the breastplate with its nice ridge design which is typical of early to mid 16th century design, the back plate which is simple enough and a plain gorget. All have matching roping around the edges which is well done. The breastplate and backplate fasten at each side only via the spring in the metal, which is simple and easy to do. The whole thing is also quite heavy so you will need a willing body to help put it on. The only difference I have with the images is that the tassets are attached using leather rather than steel, but I think I prefer it. Overall a great body defense for anyone looking reenact or display the 16th century. The ridged breastplate just predates the peascod design I believe.
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