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Half armour Eighty Years' War

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Similar suits of armour were worn around the end of the 16th century and the beginning of the 17th century. Around this period the lance of the heavy cavalry was exchanged for pistols. The heavy cavalry could thus damage hostile formations without having direct contact. Besides the cavalryman was equipped with rapiers and smallswords to force holes in the enemy formations.
Armours like this were frequently used in the many wars under which the Thirty Years` War, Eighty Years` Warand the British Civil War.

The half armour consists of a burgonet, a breastplate and backplate and pauldrons and cuisses. The half suit of armour is largely bronzed, for the preservation of the black colour we recommend to only use it for decorative purposes.

The armour is made of cold rolled plate steel. It is available with a steel thickness of 1,3 or 1,5 mm and with an unpolished, polished or bronzed finish.

This item is a museum replica.

This suit of armour is custom made, click here to download the size table.

This item is produced in limited quantities only. This means that every piece is unique. Sizes & finish may vary lightly from piece to piece.

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