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Gambeson with leather laces

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The gambeson is a padded defensive coat that was worn from approx. the 4th century BC onwards as a separate protection or combined with chainmail or other protection. The gambesons that only served as protection were thicker, made of another quality of fabric (thicker) and they had a higher neckline. The heaviest originals could even stop arrows because they were made of multiple layers. The first gambesons in Europe were worn in the late 11th century and in the 18th century the gambeson as a form of protection disappeared.

This gambeson is made for re-enactment battles and can be worn underneath a suit of armour or a hauberk. It is made of two layers of wool, an exterior layer of canvas and an interior layer of linen cotton with a polyester padding. This gambeson has openings at the arms that can be closed with leather laces.

This gambeson is available in the sizes M, L and XL. This gambeson is only available in the natural colour. This gambeson has a thickness of 12 mm.

Size Chest Sleeve Length
M 116 cm 58,5 cm 89 cm
L 122 cm 59,5 cm 91,5 cm
XL 127 cm 61 cm 94 cm

How to measure
Length: from the shoulder to hip (short) / knee (long).
Chest / breast: circumference around the chest, breathe in properly.
Arm / sleeve: sleeve length from shoulder to elbow (short) / wrist (long).

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