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Cavalry boots (1500-1600)

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The 16th century has a large number of examples of boots like these although high boots seldom occurred until the 14th century. These boots are made of a high quality leather and protect the equestrian from mud, rain and snow. These shoes are suitable for intensive use.

Tip: our shoes are only available in brown leather. However they can easily be coloured with coloured shoe polish or leather dye. You can also finish the edges of the shoes yourself with decorative stitches.

The sizes of the last of this shoe (the wooden foot on which the shoe is modelled) are the following:

EU-size Width Length
36 7,0 cm 26,0 cm
37 7,5 cm 26,5 cm
38 8,0 cm 27,5 cm
39 8,0 cm 28,0 cm
40 8,5 cm 29,0 cm
41 8,5 cm 29,5 cm
42 9,0 cm 30,0 cm
43 9,0 cm 31,0 cm
44 9,5 cm 31,5 cm
45 9,5 cm 32,0 cm
46 10,0 cm 33,0 cm
47 10,0 cm 33,5 cm

This item is produced in limited quantities only. This means that every piece is unique. Sizes & finish may vary lightly from piece to piece.

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