New Year newsletter 2015-2016

New Year newsletter 2015-2016

Looking back to 2015
For us, 2015 was a year of ups and downs. It was also a year in which we were able to develop our company immensely. A short summary of some new developments in 2015:
New payment methods
From this year onwards, our international customers can pay using Paypal, bank transfer, Bitcoins or creditcard.
There and back again!
After an extremely disappointing and overall negative experience with a new fulfilment partner, we have decided to head back home and fulfill our own logistics in Hulst again. This has resulted in quicker and more reliable shipments, but this is not all.
Shorter delivery times and more shipping options
Halfway 2015, we introduced shorter delivery times for many countries. We deliver parcels in the Benelux within 24 hours and in the UK within 48 after shipping. It also became possible to select items with a specific delivery time using our product filter.
Decrease of stock problems
This year we have managed to stabalize our insight of stocks in several warehouses. We used to have many difficulties in the stock management on our website, but this problem has partly disappeared. When an item is not in stock, it can not be placed in the shopping cart and you can leave your e-mail address to receive a notification when the item is in stock again.
Expansion of our assortment
In 2015 we have significantly increased the number of items in our assortment. We have revised our Asian department and are now one of the largest suppliers of traditionally made Asian weapons. Martial Arts has acquired its own page on our website. We have strongly expanded our collection of early medieval items as well. Besides the well-known Viking and Anglo-Saxon items, we have proudly added Merovingian, Ottonian, Lombardic and Carolingian goods. We still try to focus on reproducing items from periods that are less popular within Living History. In this way, we strive to pay extra attention to 'forgotten cultures'. Another example is our expansion of Early Iron Age and Bronze Age articles. When you buy at Celtic Webmerchant, you support development of new historical materials!
Everything for (living) history
Last year we have not only added re-enactment items to our assortment, but also historical products that can be used for ornamentation and decoration. For example, we have expanded our beautiful collection of Roman busts and reliefs and we have added our first informative books. In the coming year we hope to elaborate our book collection, making Celtic Webmerchant the shop that provides you with historical information as well.
Excursions to Italy
Italy is the country with the most cultural heritage worldwide. Naturally, the Celtic culture in North Italy is an essential part of Celtic history. However, this year we have focused more on the Italic-Greek and Early Roman periods. We are currently working on a new medium that will hopefully enable us to publish more of our research in 2016.
Celtic congress Glasgow
In july the 15th International Congress of Celtic Studies took place in Glasgow. Of course Celtic Britain was present as well! Our colleague has presented her own paper on the personal names in the Irish text  Airec menman Uraird maic Coisse, and likewise she has attended several lectures.
A fully revised customer service
Perhaps you have noticed that we considerably adjusted our customer service department. Our e-mail form on our websites has changed as well. As a result we can answer your questions more rapidly.
Celtic Webmerchant France
Last year we have started building our web shop in the French language. In 2016 we will occasionally keep you up to date on this new shop. Currently, we ship all over France within 48 hours.
Super Fast Shipping & Day Delivery
Do you wish to receive your products as soon as possible, or do you wish to pick your own delivery date? After a research period of 6 months focused on the needs and preferences of webshop customers regarding shipping and delivery, our own small company has collaborated with larger IT companies to develop new technology. All our shipping options within Europe are now supported by a complicated and extensive system that plans your delivery on the day of your choice. As a result, a computer calculates your most convenient delivery options.
The first new possibility is Super Fast Shipping. This enables us to deliver a large part of our assortment all over Europe within 2 to 3 business days. This extra service is even better because for most of the countries there is no surcharge above the regular shipping costs. PLEASE NOTE: Our SFS service is only applicable when the option is mentioned in the delivery time of the product!!! You can also search for products with this option using our new delivery filter at the left side of the webpage.
The second new possibility is Day Delivery. This option enables you to pick your delivery date. Consequently, you do not longer need to stay home waiting for the mailman to appear on your doorstep. Day delivery can be used all over Europe, so our system can accurately calculate on which day your parcel will be delivered in Sicily, Andalusia or North Scotland.
Do you love shopping online, but are you always at work when the mailman comes to deliver your order? We would like to introduce parcelshops. They are always in your own neighborhood and they are also open outside regular working hours. At the moment we are striving to become one of the first Dutch companies to offer GLS parcelshops all over Europe. GLS is considerably cheaper, so when you choose GLS shipping you receive free shipment for orders over 100 EUR.

Preview of 2016
Our technological success has enabled us to offer our customers a service that we wouldn't have dared dreaming about two years ago. Our technology benefits not only you but also our own employees. We can now solve problems faster and there is more time for research.
Celtic Magazine
It is happening in 2016. After a long wait, Celtic Magazine with be re-published. Our magazine focuses on the Celtic history of the British isles. Every issue has a unique theme. The free Celtic Magazine is completely designed, written and financed by the employees of Celtic Webmerchant. We are still doubting between writing about new subjects, or restyling and rewriting our old magazines. The magazine will be available in both Dutch and English.


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